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European Remembrance Project „NICE: Nobody Ignores the Charter of Europe”

European Remembrance Project

Third and final International meeting with representatives from Lithuania (Unique Projects), Italy (Consiglio Italiano Del Movimento Europeo) and Latvia (Social Innovation Center) took place in Kaunas on September 21-23, 2022.

NICE: Nobody Ignores the Charter of Europe is a project to show the importance of human rights in the lives of every member of society. The aim of the debate, interviews and other activities is to highlight the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, adopted twenty years ago, and the public values that it defines.

Partners meeting with representatives from Lithuania, Latvia and Italy was held on September 21st where we shared our feedback and emotions after all international meetings, finalized all done tasks from the begging of the project and prepared for the final International event in Kaunas, Lithuania.

Project is funded by the European Union, Europe for Citizens programme.