“Democracy over Disinformation” 3rd international conference (CERV) - Unique Projects

“Democracy over Disinformation” 3rd international conference (CERV)

Third international conference and partners meeting with representatives from Lithuania (Unique Projects), Italy (CEIPES) and Germany (Einzigartige projekte) took place in Berlin on 24th of June, 2023. As sufficient amount of citizens didn’t gather to the initial conference, the 3rd conference was repeated on 31st of October, 2023.

Project „Democracy over disinformation” seeks to explore what effects disinformation and other interferences have for democratic debate and to counter it by improving media literacy of citizens.

The 3rd international conference included presentations of partner organisations, activities already implemented during DoD -project; introducing survey research report, prototype of methodical tool and training on media literacy skills.

The final survey research report with the results and insights was provided and performed by representative of Einzigartige Projekte e.V. It was an explicit presentation of research report, as final presentation consisted of 42 slides each question being analysed and tendencies, if any, revealed by gender, country of residence, age group, living place and education. The final research paper consisting of 36 pages was also presented to the audience and uploaded on the cites for wider dissemination.

Partners from Italy presented methodical tool prototype about disinformation, fake news and increasing of media literacy which was in the prototyping and development phase at the time of the conference. They collected the feedback and opinions about possible changes and improvements that could have been done for the prototype.

The training on media literacy part analysed how does fake news work, why are people likely to confirm the information they receive, how are our personal biases connected to trusting the things we see. Social media role in fake news and logical fallacies.

The final „Democracy over Disinformation” conference will take online on 6th of February, 2024. Follow our pages for more information!

Project is funded by the European Union, EU Citizens, Equality, Rights and Values Programme (CERV) programme.