What is Erasmus+ programme?

Erasmus+ is 2014-2020 programme for education, training, youth and sport.

Who can participate in projects of Erasmus+ programme?

Individuals – students, trainees, apprentices, pupils, adult learners, young people, volunteers, professors, teachers, trainers, youth workers, professionals of organisations active in the fields of education, training and youth constitute the main target population of the Programme.

If I am foreigner, can I participate in projects abroad provided by your organization?

No. Unfortunately, according to Erasmus+ rules, our Lithuanian organization can send to projects only Lithuanian participants. If you would like to participate in such kind of project you should ask same profile organisation from your country.

If I am a Lithuanian living abroad, can I participate in your projects?

Yes. However, you should keep in mind, that in such case your travel costs will not be covered by Erasmus+ programme. To receive travel grant you should travel from the same country as sending organisation.

Why is it worth participating in such kind of projects?

This is a great opportunity to get to known to other cultures and find new friends from all over the world, to widen viewpoint, to grow as a personality, to learn new things, to improve English or other foreign language skills and by all this to increase chances to find a job!

How long does the Project usually last?

Main activities usually last from 5 to 21 day.

How to get into the Project?

Main activities usually last from 5 to 21 day.Fill in the form in our webpage to our announced upcoming Project. In few days you will receive an answer if you got in. If not, do not give up and try again, these projects are experience which you should not miss.

What does financing of Erasmus+ cover?

Erasmus+ covers accommodation and nutrition of the participants. Travelling costs are covered according to distance calculator. Receiving organisation can require participation fee.

How to get in the place of Project?

About questions how to get to other country you can consult with representatives of our organization. Project‘s organizers will have your contacts and should provide you information how to get to the exact place of the Project.

How should I prepare for the project?

Every Project consists not only from implementation part, but also from preparing period. It could be some „homework“, preparation for intercultural evening, presentation of organisation which sent you to the Project. About these questions you can consult with members of our organization. Every Project has different requirements.

What problems can arise during the Project?

Not all projects can 100% fulfill your expectations because all organizers, countries and culture are different. Unfortunately, association „Unique Projects“ cannot be responsible for that and ensure fulfillment of all your needs.
Most common inconveniences, not worth complaining about: place of living far from the city centre; panic how to get to the exact place of the Project; food not Always delicious; middle sized room for 4-8 people (two floor bed).
Situations you should immediately inform our organization about: programme or activities not taking place and/or does not suit provided activity table completely; you are forced to do unacceptable works which are not related to the programme etc.
You should take care for your own safety during the time of the travel. If it is youth Exchange, for your safety will be also responsible group leader. In case of theft or accident not in the place of the Project, neither association „Unique Projects“ nor receiving organization is responsible. In case of an accident in the place of Project is responsible receiving organization (which is not association „Unique Projects“).
Every participant, going to Project abroad must have health insurance (European health insurance card is highly recommended).

What should I do after coming back from the Project?

Firstly, you have to send your original return travel tickets to main project‘s organizers.
To share project‘s results and pictures with association „Unique Projects“. To meet with members of association „Unique Projects“, share your information, impressions and gained knowledge as well as recommendations to the future, so that we all could growth and improve together.

How to become a member/part of the team of association “Unique Projects”?

You can contact us through facebook (www.facebook.com/uniqueprojectseu) or write us to our contact emails: gabriele@uniqueprojects.eu or alge@uniqueprojects.eu and we will provide you with more details. If you have any doubts, do not hesitate to contact us, everything is possible, every member is important and valuable.