Spirit of Democracy

“Spirit of democracy” was Youth exchange project, organized by Lithuanian association “Unique Projects” taking place form 1st of August till 31st of December 2014. The main project exchange took place from 20th till 29th of September.


Project promoted democracy, public spirit, structure of representative democracy and provided more theoretical and practical knowledge about political interests of the youth and self-interest representation.


Our most analysed topics were importance of active citizenship of European youth, differences of political systems in different countries and representation of your own interests as well as practising representation skills and discussing the cases of low young people involvement in State political life, including low percentage of participation in elections and inadequate voting.



The main objectives of the project were:

To give more knowledge to young people about advantages and disadvantages, similarities and differences of various political systems, in ways of non-formal learning reveal the importance of interests’ representing and active citizenship.


To create new ideas about possible improvements in countries’ leading and also to improve participants’ personal skills in case analysis, problem solving, team working and presentations making.


Main topics – indifference in politics, passivity in elections and inadequate voting. The purpose of our project was to provide knowledge about the importance of citizenship and skills in representing our own interests.