About us


We are active, ambitious and thrusting association “Unique Projects”. Our organization is non-profit and aims to encourage intercultural understanding, sharing of best practices and increase free-time spending alternatives for young people. We encourage perfection of youth, self-discover and widening the circle of personal opportunities. Helpful tools are travelling to foreign countries, communicating with people of other cultures, keeping long-lasting relationship and collaborating. We are building conscious, creative, widely looking and reaching personal goals community of young people. We are using non-formal methods, organizing projects in Lithuania and being partners in projects taking place abroad. In these activities we include young people, give them chance to gain new knowledge and invaluable experience.

What is “Unique Projects” team? This team – perfectionists, who are seeking that every work would be made expeditious, smoothly and immaculately. These are people who seek to improve by every step and turn problems into challenges and opportunities. What is the most important, they are fellow travellers, friends and teachers of young people, included into association. They show the way, offer the helping hand and are ready to lead you to the journey full of adventures.